Fantastic Flashing

A course to start building your flash fiction collection

Each lesson includes a reading, discussion and related writing prompts which focus on writing different lengths and styles of flash, and get you thinking about the form differently. By the end of the course you’ll be confident to write flash that has a real impact and doesn’t rely on a punchline ending. And if you write a flash from each prompt you’ll have 42 new stories to work with at the end of the course. You can work at your own pace but to get the most out of the course you should try to write from at least 1 prompt each day. You can send the tutor 3 stories for feedback after the course is finished.


Amanda Saint

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Amanda Saint is a novelist, flash fiction writer and the founder of Retreat West. She is also the commissioning editor and publisher at Retreat West Books. 

Her debut novel, As If I Were A River, was a NetGalley Top 10 Book of the Month and a Book Magnet Blog Top 20 Book of 2016. Her second novel, Remember Tomorrow, published in March 2019 to critical acclaim. Her flash fictions have widely published and longlisted in the Mslexia Flash Fiction Competition, the Fish Flash Fiction Prize, and the Ink Tears Short Story Prize; shortlisted for the Flash 500; and won the Editor’s Choice Prize at 101 Words. Her collection, Flashes of Colour, is publishing in 2020. 

Amanda has been designing and teaching flash fiction courses and creating and judging flash fiction competitions for several years; and has published several flash collections, anthologies and memoirs at Retreat West Books.



Course curriculum

  • 1

    Fantastic Flashing

    • Day 1 - Writing to Theme

    • Day 2 - Changing Point of View

    • Day 3 - Playing With Time

    • Day 4 - Reversal of Fortunes

    • Day 5 - Less is More...or is it?

    • Day 6 - Songs as Stories

    • Day 7 - Happy Endings

    • Day 8 - Going on Location

    • Day 9 - Miniature Worlds

    • Day 10 - It's All About the Voice

    • Day 11 - Using Motifs and Symbolism

    • Day 12 - Hitting the Headlines

    • Day 13 - Subverting Genres

    • Day 14 - This is the End

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Jenna Heller

This was the most beneficial online writing event I've ever participated in. I've never been more prolific and adventurous in my flash writing! With each day focusing on one flash element, you have the freedom to experiment and practice. Brilliant.


Steven Patchett

A good mix of fundamental ideas, examples of those ideas in practise, and writing prompts. An excellent way to get a better understanding of the nature and forms of flash fiction, which I sorely needed.

Challenging and excellent

Linda Woodhams

A challenging course with a variety of excellent prompts and examples. After just two weeks, I've created around 40 new ideas for stories - great value for money!